Club Constitution 


In 1878 the 3rd Marquess of Bute allocated a parcel of his land to allow the building of a bowling green and the founding of Cardiff Bowling Club (the club). On his death in 1947, the 4th Marquess of Bute gifted his lands in Cardiff to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and citizens of Cardiff. Provision was then made for the club to be given a 999 year lease on its existing site, until 2947, at a nominal rent of 10 shillings per half year. Since 1907, becau se of their patronage, the club has acknowledged the Marquess of Bute as Honorary President of the club. 1. NAME The Club shall be called 'The Cardiff Bowling Club' (hereinafter referred to as 'the club') and shall include indoor and outdoor bowls sections.


The objects of the Club are to provide and maintain for the members an indoor and outdoor bowling green together with a clubhouse and such other facilities as the members shall in Annual or Special General Meetings consider desirable and to afford the members the means of social intercourse and recreation.


a. Membership will be open to all up to the agreed maxima as specified in 3(b) below.

b . Outdoor playing membership - 130 persons Indoor playing membership - 8 40 persons

c . Every application for membership of the club shall be made in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Management Committee as recorded in the minutes.

d. Membership shall be classified as follows:

i Vice President who shall be invited by the Management Committee to become the Vice President

ii Life Members who shall be those persons who may be admitted to this privilege upon such terms and conditions as the Management Committee from time to time determine .

iii Debenture members (Indoor) who shall be those persons who have subscribed the sum of either Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds or Five Hundred Pounds to the Club upon the terms and conditions contained in a series of Debentures issued pursuant to Resolutions passed at Annual General Meetings of the Club.

iv Playing Members who shall be persons who take part regularly in either indoor or outdoor bowls or both

v Social Members who shall be those persons elected as social members of the Club. Social members do not have any voting rights.

vi Junior Members who shall be persons under the age of eighteen at the first of September in the year the subscription falls due. Junior members do not have any voting rights.


a. Entrance fees and annual subscriptions for all classes of members shall be such sums as may from time to time be fixed by the Management Committee.

b. The financial year of the Club shall begin on the first day of April in each year. The subscription for the out door section shall be payable on or before the first day of May each year whilst the subscription of the indoor section shall be payable on or before the first day of October each year.


Any member may at any time, by giving notice in writing to the Secretary, resign his/her membership but shall continue to be liable for any annual subscription due and unpaid at the date of his/her resignation.


If the Management Committee shall be of the opinion that the interests of the Club so require, they shall require any member, by letter, to resign from the Club within a time to be specified in such letter and in default of such resignation they shall take into consideration the question of his/her expulsion from the Club at a Management Committee meeting to be held not earlier than seven days after the date by which the member was originally required to resign. At such a meeting the member concerned shall be invited to attend and be permitted to make such representations with respect to the question of his/her expulsion as may be relevant and if thereafter not less than two thirds of the Management Committee shall vote for his/her expulsion he/she shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Club unless he/she exercises his/her right of appeal to a General Meeting. If at such a General Meeting not less than two thirds of the members present and voting are in favour of expulsion he/she will be expelled. The voting in such a case shall be by ballot. It shall be in the power of the Management Committee to exclude any such member from the Club premises and all participation in the activities of the Club between the time of requiring him/her to resign and the final determination of the question of his/her expulsion and if the Management Committee shall decide to exercise this power the letter requiring him/her to resign shall acquaint him/her of such exclusion.


Any person ceasing to be a member of the Club shall thereupon forfeit all rights as such.


The property and assets of the Club (other than cash which shall be under the control of the Treasurer) shall be vested in the Trustees who shall be no more than Five nor less than Three in number. They shall deal with the said property and assets as the Management Committee shall from time to time direct by resolution of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence. A Trustee shall hold office until he/she resigns or ceases to be a member of the Club or he/she is removed from Office by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a meeting of the Management Committee called for that purpose, or for which special notice shall be given, at which meeting the Trustee concerned shall have the right to appear. Seven clear days' notice shall be given of any such meeting of the Management Committee. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of Trustee, which results in the number of Trustees being reduced to fewer than three, the Management Committee shall at its next meeting after the occurrence of such vacancy nominate for appointment as a new Trustee a member of the Club and such member shall, as soon as practicable thereafter, be appointed by the surviving Trustees as a new Trustee to act jointly with them.


The Officers of the Club shall be the President, Vice President, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The President and Vice President shall hold office until death or resignation, unless removed from office by members at any General Meeting. All other Officers shall be appointed for three years and may offer themselves for re - election.


a. The affairs of the Club shall be controlled and managed by the Management Committee whos e members other than officers, shall serve for one year but may offer themselves for re - election. The Management Committee shall have full power and control over the property, funds, conduct and affairs of the Club and in particular and without derogation from the general powers thus vested in them shall have the power to:

i appoint, suspend and dismiss any paid servant of the Club.

ii require any member or other person occasioning any damage to the property of the Club either willfully or through improper use to cause the same to be replaced or made good as it shall decide.

iii make, alter or revoke all Byelaws and Regulations in relation to the use of the property of the Club and to the improvement of the Club and its sections provided that such Byelaws and Regulations are not inconsistent with these rules.

iv fill any casual vacancy which may occur v appoint any sub committee as and when required.

b. The membership of the Management Committee of the Club shall consist of the following: The Officers of the Club, Outdoor Ladies' Secretary, Three Outdoor playing members, Indoor Men's Secretary, Indoor Ladies' Secretary Three Indoor playing members.


a. A candidate for a seat on the Management Committee must be nominated and seconded in writing by two members of the section of which he/she is a member. The nomination paper which must clearly state the section for which the candidate seeks election and his/her written consent to accept office must re ach the Secretary not earlier than the first day of August in any year nor later than the first day of September in the same year. The candidate can only stand for election for the section of which he/she is a member. For the purpose of this clause a Life Member shall be deemed to be a member of the section(s) to which he/she has been admitted by the Management Committee. No member may nominate or second more than one member for election to the Management Committee in any one year.

b. Voting shall be by ballot and the vacancies on the Management Committee applicable to each section shall be filled by those duly qualified candidates equal in number to the number of vacancies who have received most votes

c. Should the number of candidates for any section be no greater than the number of vacancies on the Committee applicable to that section, such candidates shall be deemed to be elected by the unanimous vote of those present at the meeting. In the event of the number of candidates being fewer than the number of vacancies to be filled, after filling the vacancies equal to the number of candidates,in this manner the remaining vacancies shall be considered as 'casual vacancies' and shall filled in accordance with the provisions of rule 10 (a)( iv). d. Scrutineers shall be appointed by the meeting for the purpose of scrutinising the ballot and counting votes. Votes for the members of the Management Committee will be accepted in writing.


Auditors, who shall be Chartered Account ants, shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to act for the ensuing year. They shall have access to all the books and accounts, funds and effects of the Club and shall submit the Annual Accounts, in the first instance, to the Management Commit tee and subsequently to the Annual General Meeting. No Officer of the Club, or member of the Management Committee shall be eligible to serve as an auditor.


The Trustees and members of the Management Committee shall have a right of indemnity against and reimbursement out of the funds and property of the Club in respect of any claim brought against them with regard to acts done or omitted in their representation capacity so long as such acts or omissions were within the scope of their authority.


An Annual General Meeting of the members of the club shall be held each year upon a date and at a time to be determined by the Management Committee. Members to be given 28 days notice of the meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be:

a. to receive and (if approved) adopt the Annual Report and the Annual Audited Accounts for the preceding financial year.

b. to elect the members of the Management Committee for the ensuing year in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

c. to appoint the Auditor who shall be a Chartered Accountant.

d. to discuss the affairs of the Club and pass any resolution which may be thought fit, except any resolution to amend these Rules, which must be dealt with in accordance with paragraph 19 hereof.

e. Any member wishing to have any matter discussed at the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary at least twenty one days before the date of the meeting and thereupon the Secretary shall include particulars thereof in the notice convening the meeting.

f. No business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting or any General Meeting of the Club, except such as shall be set out in the notice calling such meeting or as shall be allow ed by the Chairman as fairly arising out of the Agenda.


These shall be held: a. as and when considered necessary by the Management Committee. b. forthwith upon a written request to the Secretary stating the reasons for such a meeting and signed by not less than fifty members of the Club. Such request must be accompanied by the resolution or resolutions to be moved and the names of the proposers and seconders of such resolution or resolutions. c. the quorum at Annual or Special General Meeting shall be twenty members.


At least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting a written notice of such meeting and of the business to be transacted thereat shall be posted on the Club Notice Board.


At all General Meetings of the Club the Chairman and, in his/her absence, a member nominated by the Management Committee, shall take the chair. All decisions at General Meetings shall be by a bare majori ty of those present and entitled to vote unless otherwise stated in these Rules. In the event of a tie the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote whether he/she shall already have voted or not. Social and Junior members shall not be entitled to vote at any General Meeting.


If at any time the Club at a General Meeting shall pass a resolution authorising the Management Committee to borrow money, the Management Committee shall thereupon be empowered to borrow for the purpose of the Club such amount of money either at one time or from time to time and at such rate of interest and in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be specified in such resolution and thereupon the Trustees shall at the direction of the Management Committee make all such dispositions to the Club's property or any part thereof and enter into such agreements in relation thereto as the Management Committee may deem proper for giving security for such loans and interest. All members of the Club wheth er voting on such resolution or not and all persons becoming members of the club after the passing of such resolution shall be deemed to have assented to the same as if they had voted in favour of such resolution.


These Rules shall not be altered or rescinded or added to except by a resolution carried by two thirds of those present and voting at a General Meeting on a resolution of the Management Committee or a resolution notice of which with the names of the proposer and seconder sh all have been given in writing to the Secretary at least twenty one days before the date of such meeting and duly notified to the members in a circular calling such meeting at least fourteen days before such meeting.


Subject to such condition s as the Management Committee shall determine from time to time members may introduce visitors and shall be responsible for entering the name of a visitor in the book kept for that purpose at the Club premises. The Management Committee shall have the rig ht to withdraw this general privilege or refuse admission to any particular visitor without giving any reason for its action. Persons who are members of a team visiting the premises and the Club or any officials connected with such a team may enjoy the facilities of the Club and may purchase intoxicating liquor from the Club for themselves for consumption on the premises. Visitors must leave the Club before or at the same time as the member introducing them.


Temporary members, as agreed by the Management Committee, may be admitted in accordance with the current Licensing Act.


The Club shall be opened or closed at such hours as the Management Committee may from time to time appoint. The hours du ring which intoxicating liquor will be supplied will be within the limit permitted by the current Licensing Acts fixed by the Licensing Justices for the district in which the Club is situate.